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Renting a Home

When you search for a property to rent within our search system, the results that you see show the rental prices per month. We have a three-month minimum rental policy. Here are some important considerations regarding renting property in Gran Canaria:

  • Winter is high season (who doesn't want to escape the cold and dreary northern winter?), so start your search early at least 3 months.
  • Our reservation documents are in Spanish, and you will need to sign and send it back to us in order to confirm your reservation.
  • We have an arrival service! Let us know when you are coming so we can arrange to get you settled.
  • Pets are generally ok, but let us know ASAP so we can make sure there are no particular objections.
  • The deposits are usually one-to-two month's rent depending on the situation. You will get your deposit back once the owner of the property has checked it.
  • The monthly rental payment can either be paid in cash or by credit card. The first payment is due when you arrive, and the remaining can be deposited directly into a bank account that we provided you in the property rental in Gran Canaria contract.
  • Misc. Fee - depending on the situation you may have to pay for utilities, all this will be discussed with you during the reservation process.
  • Home furnishing and appliances - Within the details page of our property search system you will find a tab on details. This will show you how the rental property is equipped.
  • All properties must pass a quality check.
  • When reserving the property, you will be asked to transfer the agency real estate fee, which is the equivalent of one month's rent +7% VAT.


Generally, all properties are equipped for long-term rental and contain everything you need for your comfort. Home and Help provides five-star Gran Canaria Property Rental service. When working with us, there will be no surprises. The most important thing for us is that you have peace of mind before during and after your stay in Gran Canaria.

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