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When you arrange to view properties with Home and Help Real Estate agency and property managers in Gran Canaria, we will issue a Travel Voucher (valued at 300€), which can then be redeemed towards the travel and accommodation costs incurred subject to the Purchase of a Property directly through Home and Help Real Estate Agents, and is to be paid within one month of completion of your property purchase.

  • Tailored One-on-One Viewing Itinerary
  • Hotel accommodation can be arranged at competitive rates
  • Airport transfers on your arrival
  • Buying process, legal and tax matters
  • Mediation and advice (guidance) on property purchase
  • Calculation of the total purchase costs and taxes (Estimating a provision of funds) 10%
  • Application for tax-number / NIE
  • Coordinating mortgage loans through the most reputable Spanish Banks
  • Multilingual contracts (on request)
  • Legal & tax advice (in-house)
  • Legal & tax assistance for property transfer
  • Handling the purchase process until the final land registry entry
  • Open a Spanish bank account for utility bills (e.g. water, electricity, monthly community fees)
  • Applications for water, electricity and telephone supply (new owner name)
  • You can be assured of the highest standards of quality, integrity, commitment and hard work at every level!
  • You simply won't find another real estate brokerage that's more client-focused or which prides itself more on delivering outstanding customer service!


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