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Code of Ethics

We work hard to match our highest of standards for quality, integrity, commitment and hard work at every step of your dream home purchase. You simply won't find another real estate brokerage that tends to every client's wants and needs, providing only the finest customer service.

We understand that purchasing a home is both a challenge and a milestone in and of itself. This is why we will handle all of the complex steps to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the homebuying experience, from explanations of legal issues to expanding your options and shining light on all present and future developments of your dream home.

Our Customer Service Pledge

Excellent customer service is our greatest motivation and driving factor here at Home and Help. Not only is it practiced on a daily basis, but it's also the foundation of our business practices.

Home and Help aspires to give our clients the easiest, most stress-free homebuyer experience, and our clients should expect us to always go above and beyond their expectations. This lays the groundwork for future relationships with our clients.

Every action we take on our client's behalf is done with their best interests in mind. Home and Help is ethical, honest, and tailored to each of our client's wish lists.

Respect, honesty, and integrity are number one in our book!

We will always provide all of the necessary information during the home-buying process, as well as sound, practical advice to lead our clients in the right direction..

We will always be available to our clients and responsive to their needs. Home and Help is flexible with the timing of our clients' questions, and will accommodate their schedules.

We never pressure our clients.

We guide our clients to have what they have always envisioned, and don't let our interests diverge them from their own paths. Our clients control the pace and direction of their home search.

We will always take the time to determine what short-term and long-term goals our clients have, and how to give them the space to achieve them.

We use the latest technology to give our clients a competitive advantage in the market-place and provide information to our clients faster so they can analyze relative information.

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